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    I am editor-in-chief and founder of The Tiger Moth Review, an independent eco journal of art + literature engaging with the themes of nature, culture, the environment and ecology. I currently have the privilege to read poetry submissions for Frontier Poetry, and have read poetry for The Brown Orient and short fiction for Eastlit.


    I was editor-mentor for LIVEPress Pilot (2014-2015) to five aspiring writers over six months, and the chapbook Unhomed (2016), which features one of my poems, was launched at Booktique, an independent bookstore in Singapore. I co-edited Poetry Moves (Ethos Books, 2020) and Little Things: An Anthology of Poems (Ethos Books, 2013) for adolescents, a poetry anthology which is featured on the recommended reading list for Secondary schools in Singapore, and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide.


    My poems have been published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (QLRS, 2020, 2018), Contour: A Lyric Cartography of Singapore (2019), The Stinging Fly (2018), About Place Journal (2018), Split Rock Review (2018), Ghost City Review (2018), Dissident Voice (2017), The Journal of Remembered Arts (2017), EastLit (2017), Feminine Collective (2016-2017), Into the Void (2017), Luminous Echoes (2017), New Asian Writing (2016), LIVEPress Pilot's tumblr (2014-2015), Sound of Mind (2014), Little Things (2013), Ceriph #4: the white issue (2011) and on <messageinabottlepoetrymagazine>, Editorial 13. "Excuse me, what is your race?" was also translated into Russian in To Go To S’pore: Contemporary Writing from Singapore (2013) by Kirill Cherbitski.


    "Inheritance" received a Second Place Award in the 2020 Singapore National Poetry Competition (English Language) and "we have forgotten" received a Merit Award in 2019. My unpublished poetry manuscript, Red Earth, is a finalist for the Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize 2020 (New York). In 2019, I was a Best New Poets nominee (US & Canada).


    I have taught Language and Literature (IB), literary arts and literature at the School of the Arts Singapore, and St. Hilda's Secondary School. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Arts in Creative Writing in Nanyang Technological University, working on my debut poetry collection.

  • Photos & Videos

    Poetry readings, book launches, workshops.

    Book launch of Ceriph #4, Singapore Writers Festival 2011

    Reading of "Excuse me, what is your race?"

    Little Things book launch, 2013

    Book launch and readings by contributing poets

    Little Things workshop for teachers, 2013

    Editors sharing about the creative process

    Creative writing workshop

    Edgefield Secondary school

    Book launch of Sound of Mind, Singapore Writers Festival 2014

    Photo with editors and contributing poets

    Book launch of Unhomed at Booktique, 2016

    Editor-mentor sharing about the writing process


    "Writing is a way of perceiving. We write to perceive and we write to understand ourselves and the world."

    Little Things Symposium @ The Arts House, 2018

    Co-editor facilitating a comparative reading of poems


    Breakout session: Language and identity

    You Can Learn That in School, Singapore Writers Festival 2019

    Reading of three poems in progress: "Lost tongue", "Inheritance" and "Dream fruit"

    Book Club: A Book List for Climate Grief @ ArtScience Museum, 2019

    Panellist sharing some early inspirations & more recent texts that have been influential

    in inspiring the poetry I write & the environmental work that I do with The Tiger Moth Review

    The Artistic Inspiration of Nature @ Natural Capital Singapore, 2020

    Sharing with researchers, ecologists and scientists the inspiration behind the work I do at The Tiger Moth Review, as well as the poetry I write in response to nature, the environment and ecology

    Not Just Fiction: Writing the Climate Crisis @ The Moon, 2020

    Meeting in the Middle 2020, organised by Ethos Books Singapore

    Featuring Esther Vincent Xueming (The Tiger Moth Review), Melissa Low (NUS Energy Studies Institute) and Komal Lad (SG Climate Rally), the hour-long dialogue delved into the intersections of literature and the climate crisis, how to manage eco-anxiety, how feminism relates to the climate crisis, etc.

    Eco Poetry Reading #1 (The Tiger Moth Review x Thrive Hour), May 2020

    Eco Poetry Reading #1 @ Thrive Hour Community Corner (Facebook live) from The Tiger Moth Review to raise funds for needy families at Beyond Social Services


    Reading list:

    1. “Eagle Poem” by Joy Harjo (Poetry Moves, p. 120)
    2. “Tree” by Lee Soo Jin (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 3, p. 19), Korea-Singapore
    3. “I Tell The River That I Shall Pray Again” by Vinita Agrawal (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 45), India
    4. “The Climb” by Ray DiZazzo (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 31), USA
    5. “The Four Seasons” by Thomas Bacon (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 4, p. 54-5), Alaska, USA

    Eco Poetry Reading #2 (The Tiger Moth Review x Thrive Hour), May 2020

    Eco Poetry Reading #2 @ Thrive Hour Community Corner (Facebook live) from The Tiger Moth Review to raise funds for needy families at Beyond Social Services


    Reading list:

    1. “Humpbacks” by Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems: Volume One, p. 168-170
    2. “Enturtled” by Peggy Landsman (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 50), USA
    3. “Elegy for a Silent Stalker” by Ow Yeong Wai Kit (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 17), Singapore
    4. “Lament for the Thylacine” by Amanda McLeod (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 3, p. 16), Australia 
    5. “Into the Blue” by Dorsia Smith Silva (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 60), Puerto Rico

    Eco Poetry Reading #3 (The Tiger Moth Review x Thrive Hour), May 2020

    Eco Poetry Reading #3 @ Thrive Hour Community Corner (Facebook live) from The Tiger Moth Review to raise funds for needy families at Beyond Social Services


    Reading list:

    1. “Greece When Nobody’s Looking” by Linda Gregg, Sacraments of Desire, p. 11
    2. "Le Morne beach” by Esther Vincent Xueming, unpublished, Singapore 
    3. “Good Fossil Fuels” by Craig Santos Perez (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 3, p. 39), Pacific Island of Guam
    4. “Beatitude” by Kunle Okesipe, (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 3, p. 9), Nigeria
    5. “My Response:” by Lee Maracle (The Tiger Moth Review, Issue 2, p. 7), Sto: lo (Coast Salish Nation), Canada

    NEW CLIMATES / NEW WORKS @ Sing Lit Station, June 2020

    "This edition of NEW WORKS invites you to explore artmaking and the role it plays in our larger cultural and ecological landscape. NEW CLIMATES / NEW WORKS features a multidisciplinary panel of artists — singer Inch Chua, writer and editor Esther Vincent (Tiger Moth Review), editor Matthew Schneider-Mayerson (Eating Chili Crab in the Anthropocene: Environmental Perspectives on Life in Singapore) and illustrator Tiffany Lovage. Pick their thoughts as they discuss their craft in the face of environmental calls-to-action and their views of the world through an ecocultural lens."


    Poetry Makes Nothing Happen: Poetry Moves book launch-cum-workshop,

    July 2020

    Co-editor conducting an online teaching poetry workshop for literature teachers

    Locating 'art' in Singapore in the 21st CC, ReadNUS, August 2020

    Sharing about artists and the role of art in Singapore today, following the release of a controversial survey in Straits Times on 14 June 2020 where artists were deemed non-essential by respondents



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    everything is perfect from far away

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    And at once I knew, I was not magnificent

    SkinnyMint Me and other poems

    I scream as your soul gets bartered piece by piece

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    Shedding Skin
    (is the ‘in’ thing)​

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